Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Broadway Revue

Yes, this is something I actually think about. If I had a cabaret show, what would I sing? Well first off, if I sang everything I wanted to it would go on for 3 hours. But hmmm…. There are certain songs I would definitely sing. Here they are (I know you care):

  1. “New Philosophy” from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown–not the most beautiful, but great character piece.
  2. “Don’t Tell Mama” from Cabaret-umm, once again a great character number and it’s Cabaret. Get it?
  3. “Home” from Beauty and the Beast-this was the first song I ever imagined singing on stage. In 8th grade all I wanted to do was be Belle on Broadway
  4. “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera –it was the first song I challenged myself to sing when I took voice lessons in high school. It feels like it’s my roots in some sort of way.
  5. Ragtime, Ragtime, Ragtime-most likely “Your Daddy’s Son” because frankly, I’m not black and will never get to play the role. (Yeah, ‘cause that’s what’s stopping me) Oh, and also “Our Children” and Josh Groban can sing the male part. You know, because we’re friends.
  6. “Don’t” from Martin Guerre-Josh will have to stay out on stage and sing this with me was well. It’s one of the most beautiful songs ever from the most underrated musical. Plus it’s a double entendre, which is fun.
  7. There has to be something from Rent because frankly it would just not be me if there wasn’t one song, but honestly there are very few songs in it that would be appropriate for just one person, and I can’t make Josh come onstage again. That would be too much.
  8. “On My Own” from Les Mis. Yes, it’s been done a lot, but who doesn’t want to sing this song?
  9. “I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls. Because I can.

There is definitely more, but I’m stopping there. Seriously, I’m going to go to bed tonight and think of ten more. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if one day I actually got to do this? Aren’t you intrigued to hear it now?

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