Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Apology and UMAMI

Hi everybody,
I must apologize for not blogging as frequently. This thing called "life" has kind of gotten in the way. However, I will try and write and hopefully "vlog" more often in the coming months! Please forgive me!

Also, I'll write a full review tomorrow, but I finally tried UMAMI Burger last night and it is DELISH! Seriously, it's worth the crappy service! Oh, and there were a few celeb sightings, but you have to wait until tomorrow for the full recap!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How I Am Spending Valentine's Day

Seeing as I have no boyfriend I am spending Valentine's Day with my girlfriends! We are going to see the V-Day movie "Valentine's Day" (even though everyone says it's awful I'm still curious) and go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner! We figured no one is going on a date at Buffalo Wild Wings, and if they are, well, that's just sad. Since there is no one I'm even interested in this year, I really am excited for this time with my friends. Normally on this day there is someone I'm at least crushing on. Even if I knew I wouldn't be spending the day with the person, I still enjoyed that "crush" feeling on Valentine's Day. I thought this year I'd be depressed that there was no one, but actually it's been really nice. Better than last year. I can definitely admit to that. Although, funnily enough, I will end up at the same movie theater. Hmm... it's about time to go eat some deliciously unromantic wings!


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