Monday, August 9, 2010


I was in Boston a year ago and am TOTALLY craving it right now. Here are my favs:

Stephanie’s on Newbury Street
Newbury Street in general is just fun to walk up and down, but Stephanie’s is THE lunch place. Really nice outdoor seating. Great lobster roll. Ignore the Euro-Trash and know that the service can be slightly

Flour Bakery
Known for their Sticky Buns. The owner beat Bobby Flay in a “throwdown” with it. I’ve had it and it is really good. Everything at the bakery looked good, but that’s the only thing I tried.

Beacon Hill
This is the really nice part of Boston. Kind of their Beverly Hills. Really pretty brownstones and cobblestone streets. It looks very much like what you expect Boston to look like. Charles St. is the main street in this area and has great restaurants. I ate at Todd English's restaurant Figs. It was good, but there are so many great looking spots on the street you could probably go anywhere and it would be good. But, I say just walk the street if nothing else. It’s just really pretty. Cool market on the corner too.

Boston Commons
It’s their Central Park if you will. If you walk Newbury St. you end at the garden side of the Commons and it’s really pretty. And they have a pond with those cheesy swan boats. PLEASE take a ride in one of those cheesy swan boats! Send me a picture!

Other tips
The airport is anywhere from 10-30 min. from the city depending on what part of the city you are entering at. Oh, and there is NO SALES TAX on clothes. They count them a necessity. They really are smarter in Boston.

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