Monday, August 9, 2010


For anyone headed to Chicago anytime soon, these are my favorite things...

Magnificent Mile
Yes, its basically just a bunch of stores, but it’s a pretty street and much is located off of it, so I’m suggesting you see it. In fact, most of what I will reference is nearby.

Giordano’s Pizza
GO! There is no questioning. Do not listen to those who say Uno, or Gino’s, or any of the other deep dish establishments is better. They are not. I have done taste tests. This is THE best, quintessentially Chicago deep dish pizza. Their thin crust is actually good too, but get the deep dish. We have no deep dish in L.A. that is like this. I they have many locations but I suggest this one:RUSH STREET(312) 951-0747730 N RUSH

Garret’s Popcorn
If you feel like a snack I recommend Garrett’s. They make this amazing combo of cheddar and caramel popcorn which sounds disgusting, but is phenomenal. Even there plain, buttered is good. Oh, and they’ll let you sample before you make a decision.Neighborhood: The Loop4 E Madison St(between Holden Ct & State St) Chicago, IL 60602(312)

As for things to do, I love the Art Institute. I highly recommend it. It’s honestly one of my favorites. And look at their schedule because I think one night a week it’s free; although I paid and it was totally worth it.

Also, the John Hancock building. Oh and here’s my cheap-o tip. Don’t pay for the trip to the top, just go to the lounge that’s one floor beneath it and order a drink. That’s what we did. And use the women’s restroom. It’s ridiculous because it next to the gigantic windows. We went and came out and were freaking (especially me with the fear of heights, who had purposely avoided being close to the edge all night long) and we thought it was just us who thought it was strange. I come home and tell my friend Adam I went to the Hancock Building and he goes, “Did you go in the women’s bathroom?” Then I read in Real Simple magazine that they suggest exactly what we did (going to the lounge instead of paying to go to the top) and they too say, “Make sure to check out the women’s restroom.” So, check out the women’s restroom.

Lastly, my hotel there, The Palmer House, has the most amazing lobby I’ve ever seen. Seriously, not even going to describe it. Google if you wish, but if you need a place to just rest for awhile, go to The Palmer House and sit in the lobby. They also do tea in the afternoons, and I want to say it’s close to the Art Institute.

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