Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Apartment Building

I realized today that I should be grateful for my apartment building. I have a friendly building, something of a rarity in L.A. My neighbors actually wave to me when I'm walking to my car as they are driving out of the building. Our pool is quite the social place during the summer. I have actually seen jello shots passed on a tray in the pool. While I am not part of the "inner circle" who hang out all the time, I like knowing they are around and together. We chat by the pool and say hi when we pass in the hall. I walked around Los Feliz last week and passed many people. No one makes eye contact, let alone says "Hi". I find it sad. I'm glad I have friendly neighbors. 
I actually feel very blessed to have my apartment. It's 900 square feet and, while my upstairs neighbors are far too loud at times, it is a great building. There is a pool, a gym, sauna, it's gated, and I have covered parking. Plus, I have friends in Hollywood who pay the same for a place 1/2 my size with none of the above listed amenities. Oh, and I have an excellent manager. I practically moved here just because she seemed so great. After my last roommate/landlord nightmare I was only going to move somewhere with someone qualified to manage. 
Bottom line, find a great apartment. Be picky. Don't just take what you can get. Look around. Find a manager who will get things done. Oh, and I'll tell the nightmare story of my past landlord at another time, but trust me it's a good one. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Prince at Mama Juana's

This past weekend my friends and I went salsa dancing at Mama Juana's in Studio City. it was a very fun night full of laughter and some excellent dancing. (It helps when your friend used to be a dance instructor.) After dancing for hours around 11 I decided to head home. I know, I know, that's early, but I had to be awake and aware for something the next day and I can never sleep in, so leaving early it was.
Sunday morning I get up and check Facebook and guess what I see? My friend Jessica's status update reads as follows: "Had fun salsa dancing. Best part was when Prince showed up!" Ummm WHAT??????????
Apparently minutes after I left Prince and his entourage showed up. Prince showed up at our little salsa club in Studio City. How crazy is that? I know I missed something huge. Never has the phrase, "You snooze, you lose" been more appropriate, but I still just think it's cool I was there the same night!

I'll have a post soon about my last two weekends and the incidents that occurred. I've written them, they just need to be uploaded. Let's just say there were two other celebrity sightings that I was present and accounted for. I'll get those on here soon!


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