Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Places to Try in L.A. in 2010

I don’t know if I’ve ever really said it, but I love Los Angeles. Though I talk about moving every now and then, I really do love this city and all the craziness it contains. There is always something new to try, somewhere new to go. So with that, I present my list of things I want to try in Los Angeles in 2010:

· The Tar Pit-there has already been so many write-ups on this restaurant and I believe it’s only been open a few weeks!

· Griffith Park Hike-Last year I did Runyon, this year it’s time for Griffith. I should probably start working out so when I do it, it doesn’t kill me.

· Umami Burger-apparently this is the new place to get a hamburger. Hmmm… I might try this one next week. I’ll let you know.

· Lucques-For crying out loud, I’ve lived here five years and still haven’t tried this establishment. It’s time.

· Bazaar at SLS-because who doesn’t want to try a philly cheesesteak made of air?

· Stefan’s at L.A. Farm-so it’s clear I watch “Top Chef”. He might have been a jerk on the show, but his food was always rated highly.

· Bigfoot Lodge-the original one. It just looks like a fun place to have a drink.

· Kogi Truck-I still haven’t been, but I’m dying to try their tacos. Their restaurant is opening down the street from work, so I’m sure I’ll go sometime, but I still want the truck experience.

· Yogaworks-I want to take a real yoga class. Simple enough.

· Golden State Cafe-another new burger place, but they are popular for their sweet potato “fries” and Guiness Floats. I will not be trying the latter, but I have a friend who definitely will.

· Brunch at Bouchon-I’ve had quite the memorable experience at the Vegas location, but have never been for brunch and they are known for brunch! I really am looking forward to this one.

· Explore Downtown-it’s seriously becoming so hip. I really want to go hang out one night and try all the cool bars and look in shops.

Okay, so that’s it for now. I know there are ones I’m forgetting. I’m sure there will be another list. What do you want to try this year?

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  1. Great post, I want to try them all! I have gone to Griffith and it's a great hike and have had the sweet potato fries at Golden State...aren't all sweet potato fries good? There is a place reopening around the corner from me called Off Vine that is known for their brunch menu. It was on my list of places to try before moving to Hollywood but sadly, burned down before I got my chance! It is just days from reopening and looks super cute.



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