Saturday, January 23, 2010

Deviled Eggs

I love deviled eggs. I have since I was little. Until lately they have always been a "special occasion food", eaten only on Easter or Fourth of July, but now that I am not allowed carbs I've started making them as a snack. I must say, they are a great snack that feels somewhat decadent to eat. Plus, I love the slightly retro feel of deviled eggs. At this point I make them so often I'm thinking about getting one of those cute egg trays! I take 2 halves to work as a nice, healthy, and filling afternoon snack. Below is my recipe for yummy, perfectly snack-portioned deviled eggs.
Ingredients: 3 Hard-boiled eggs
2 Tbls. Mayonaise
1/2 Tsp. Yellow Mustard
3 drops Worchestershire sauce
Dash each of salt and pepper

Cut eggs in half and empty yokes into a bowl. Add remaining ingredients except paprika. Mash and stir together. Spoon back into empty eggs. Sprinkle VERY lightly with paprika Ta-da! You're done! So simple!

My half-mixed filling.
Fully mixed, and ready to fill the eggs!
The finished product!

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