Sunday, January 2, 2011

11 Things to Do in L.A. in 2011

Alright, I want to try things I haven't done in L.A. before so here is my list:
  1. Improv show at UCB-that would be Upright Citizens Brigade. I took classes at Second City last year, and while I LOVED it, I'm thinking of switching over to UCB. Plus, they have some shows I just really want to see.
  2. Slimmons exercise class-Have you heard about this? Richard Simmons actually leads the workouts and people I've talked to say they're fabulous and fun! I saw him once in the airport and he was a total drama queen, but only in L.A. can you take class from Richard Simmons.
  3. Eat at Formosa Café-I just feel that this is a classic L.A. spot and yet I've never been so I want to try it.
  4. Explore Eagle Rock-There are a lot of places in Los Angeles that I've only been to once or twice and could probably learn more about but I've NEVER been to Eagle Rock and I hear it's fun. I already know a restaurant I want to try and I hear the stores are cute.
  5. Coffee at 101 Coffee Shop-I can't even count the number of times I've driven by and "Swingers" was filmed here and to me that is an iconic L.A. movie that I treasure so I need to go.
  6. Concert at the Greek Theater-I want to go to more concerts and I've never been to the Greek and hear it's a great place to see a show.
  7. Rose Bowl Flea Market-It's supposed to be the greatest flea market and I want to haggle for deals on cute apartment stuff!
  8. See a midnight showing of “The Room”-if you've never heard of it, google it. It is supposedly the worst movie ever made and the midnight showing of it has become an "only in L.A." thing to do.
  9. Finally have dinner at Bazaar at SLS-I feel about 2 years behind but I really, really want to eat there. Jose Andres is a genius and I loved his first restaurant Zatinya in D.C. and really want to experience his molecular gastronomy.
  10. Explore downtown-it is the hippest place in L.A. now and I haven't really done much down there. I want to take an afternoon/evening and just explore. This will probably happen on an Art Walk night because I have friends that I know want to go this year.
  11. I'm leaving #11 open for now. I'm not quite sure yet what this one should be, but I will definitely decide and do it before the end of the year!
So there's my list. What do you want to try to do in your city this year?

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