Thursday, December 30, 2010

Celeb Sightings: Joe Jonas and Ashley Green

Saw Joe Jonas and Ashley Green this morning at The Waffle. I've always wanted to see her in person because she always looks so pretty in the Twilight movies. And I've always been curious about him because, let's face facts, he's pretty cute looking in pictures.
So the truth, I walked right past her and didn't even notice. She just looked like another Hollywood girl. Plus, she was all bundled up and had glasses on. (It was a rare, cold morning in L.A.). Joe and I bumped into each other at the door and it was weird. I was looking at him thinking, "That guys kind of cute. He kind of looks like a more nondescript version of Joe Jonas. Oh wait, it is Joe Jonas." He's shorter than I thought he was. Like, a lot shorter. And way younger looking in person, but still cute.
They ate outside in the sun because they had a dog with them (yes, even in the coldest So Cal mornings you can eat outside), so that's about all I got to observe. The manager of the place went out and talked to them and they chatted for awhile, so I'm guessing they're nice. Too bad I'm not a 13 year old girl. This sighting would have been a lot more exciting.

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