Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thai Massage

One of my favorite ways to splurge is by getting a Thai massage. I got one for the first time last July and I loved it! I'm not big on Swedish massage. Actually, after the last Swedish massage I had my muscles tensed up so badly I thought I had the flu. Thai massage is different. They kind of press on you in different areas, and crack your back, and stretch your arms and legs all over the place. Oh, and they walk on you. Well at least, they might. I so far haven't had anyone walk on me, but a few of my friends have. They said it was kind of weird at first, but the after effects were worth it! Plus, the beauty of Thai massage is that it's cheap. Unlike a massage at a spa that costs $100, Thai places seem to cost between $40-60. Even though that's still a splurge, it's better than $100+! There are Thai massage places all over L.A., but the one I recommend is Thai Sabai. I've only been to there Sunset location; the Westwood one I know nothing about! So, go indulge this week and relax with a nice Thai woman walking on your back!

Thai Sabai- http://www.thaisabai.com/

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