Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goal for the Week

So, I live alone which means when I come home I just kind of drop everything in the middle of my living room floor, and when I cook, the dishes sit until the next morning when I clean them. In a few months I plan on getting a new apartment and a roommate in order to save some cash, which means I can no longer drop my clothes in the middle of the floor or leave the dishes until the next morning. So this is my goal for the week, to try and keep things neat and orderly all week long and clean up after myself. Basically, I'm going to pretend that I have a roommate so I can start the good habits now!
In all honesty, I'm a little stressed about the prospect of a roommate. I haven't had the best track record in the past, so I'm a little scared for the future. That's why I figure I should start practicing these sorts of things now. Then I'm not shell-shocked when we move in.

What about you? Do you have a roommate? Do you get along? What sort of things did you have to work out?


  1. Hi! Im over from Mingle Monday, and I totally know hoe you feel about leaving stuff around. When I married my husband, I had to learn to do all the laundry at once, because he hated that I would leave it in the dryer. Stuff like that can be such an adjustment!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mingle Monday - so happy to have you!

    I feel yeah on the roommate situation! I had my share of sharing space, so since college I've been living solo for years!

    Good for you to have such awesome goals to prepare - I bet your future roommate will be a delight! :)


  3. I have yet to have a roomate. I pray the day I move out its with my husband but that would really be too perfect now wouldn't it? ha ha. I pretty much live the same way you do amongst my family only I don't get to cleaning up for weeks usually. I have gotten better but for whatever reason organization and cleaning the house is not something that comes naturally for me.

  4. Dont even get me started on roomates! Sheesh!

    My last roomate waited until after we moved in together to inform me that he was a "vampire". In then proceeded to tell me that when he died his body would be frozen until science could catch up with him! huh?!

    I thought he was weird, but the last straw was when there was writing in blood all over my bathroom mirror! I freaked out, talked to the apartment manager, got out of my lease and booked it!

    No roomates for me, EVER AGAIN! :)

    Good luck, and I wish you happy roomate searching and NO vampires! :)

    p.s. Coming from Mingle Monday :))

  5. I work second shift, so I cook dinner before I go to work. I'm guilty of leaving my dishes until the next morning - & I have a dishwasher! If you figure out the trick of staying on track with chores, fill me in...

    I'm a new follower, & I found you through Brittany's blog, Unexpected Surprises. I look forward to reading more!



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