Monday, September 20, 2010

Colorful Bowls

I love colorful bowls! I have two different sets of nesting mixing bowls that get used for so much more than mixing. Displaying fruits and veggies is pretty much the thing they do most. I'll even put hard boiled eggs in the bowl and keep it in the fridge and I honestly think it brightens up my fridge. There's just an openness to it that I enjoy for some reason.

The limes, onions, and clementines above are currently sitting in the middle of my dining room table and add a nice pop of color. Plus, since everything is open and accessible it makes me reach for fruit more and actually USE the vegetables I have in my apartment. So basically I'm suggesting you all get some colorful bowls and add some fun whimsy to your kitchen!


  1. this was the cutest little f.y.i~ your so funny. what if your new roommate dislikes these lovely bowls of yours? ha ha. I dont know why I just asked that depressing question sorry. Sometimes I just type without thinking I guess.

  2. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! :) Can I please have your life?! You live alone, in LA, which basically my ultimate goal! Would love to hear more of your LA adventures so I can experience them vicariously through you! <3

  3. I'm loving that pink bowl!! I was actually looking at mixing bowls this morning at Target!



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