Friday, December 11, 2009

I Heart "Paper Heart"!

At this point I'm halfway through the movie and it is ADORABLE! Oh my gosh! I so heart "Paper Heart"! Netflix it people. Michael Cera is freaking the cutest. Fun to watch all the awkwardness of a new relationship. Fun to hear all the real stories of what love is. I have always been a believer that it's different for each couple and I love that this movie confirms that.

I always watch docs like this and wonder what would happen if they made a documentary of my life. Hmmm.... well let's see, I'm sitting at home alone in my pajamas on a Friday night watching a movie and blogging. Yeah, that would be a riveting documentary. I do still want to make one at some point. About what I'm not quite sure. And yes, I know "Paper Heart" is not a real documentary. Blurry lines, blurry lines.
Paper Heart

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