Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goal Setting for the New Year

While I'm not a fan of resolutions for the new year, I do think it is good to re-evaluate and set goals.A few years ago I read this book called "Knit Together" on discovering God's purpose for your life. In it there is a great template for setting goals for the year. I've used it the last two years and while I haven't finished everything, it is an excellent way to focus how you want to spend your time and what you want to work on in the year to come.
Goals for the Year
3 New Things You'd Like to Experience this Year:
3 Nonfiction Books You Want to Read this Year:
3 Things About Yourself You Want to Improve:
I. Spiritual Goals
II. Family Goals
III. Physical Goals
IV. Career Goals
V. Recreational Goals
VI. Financial Goals

I will say I think one problem for me with setting goals is I feel like I have to do them all immediately. This year, I'm going to divid them out. For example, my non-fiction book choices are each going to have a four month period in which to read them. So then it keeps me on track. Or certain career goals are going to have a month assigned in which to get them done. Then it's not an "all-at-once" kind of thing. Just a suggestion.

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