Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank God for the Spa!

Greetings from Santa Fe! Or really, 15 minutes outside downtown Santa Fe. Why we don't always stay in the middle of town I don't know. The hotel I'm at is okay. There have been a few annoyances already, but instead of complaining, let's talk about the one really good thing; the spa!
We got in really early compared to most of our trips so I had a whole afternoon to kill at the hotel since there's no easily accessible way to get to town. I found out the spa's amenities are free if you are a Hilton Honors member! (Um, of course I'm an Honors member.) So after spending an hour in the gym (because what else was I going to do), I headed to the spa.
The guy at the front was kind of rude but the girl working showed me around and was really nice. Plus, since it's not tourist season here in Santa Fe, there is nobody at the hotel so I had the spa to myself! Woohoo! Sauna? All mine. Steam room? All mine. Jacuzzi? All mine! It was great. The sauna felt so so nice. There's actually a sauna in my apartment building and in my five years of living there I've never used it. I may have to start.
So anyways, thank the Lord for the spa because it was a nice, relaxing treat in my day. I plan on hitting it one more time on Friday morning before I leave! Hopefully it will be a nice way to cap off this business trip.

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