Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adventures in Online Dating: Lesson Learned

So I did something stupid in my online dating adventure. At his prompting, I moved communication with a match from the safety of the dating website to my own personal e-mail way too soon. We had only finished the last phase of "guided communication" when he put his personal e-mail in the body of his last question answer and said he wanted to meet in person. The guy was cute and I had liked his answers (and he seemed normal) so I e-mailed him from my Yahoo account.
I thought it was strange that he took it off the site so fast, but he was the only guy I'd been really interested in so far, so I just went with it. I did say however I wasn't available to meet on the day he requested and asked to postpone a week just so I could get some more info in the meantime.
It took the guy a week to get back to me and it was the weirdest e-mail. His subject matter jumped all over the place and he made jokes that aren't funny when you don't know the person. Bottom line, he was coming off as weird. And then he ended it by telling me he had a third nipple and was planning on getting it removed sometime, but hope you can deal with that for now. Um, what? WHO TELLS THIS KIND OF STUFF!?!? I told my friend about this and she said he must have been kidding. I told her I didn't think so.
Well guess who was right? Yesterday morning I woke up to a lovely e-mail from said guy telling me that the reason I hadn't written back MUST be because of him telling me about his "mole" (now all of the sudden it's a mole huh?), and how awful a person I am for not being able to see past that. Then he said a bunch more weird stuff like how if I want to date someone famous that's fine but the famous guy won't love me and other non-sensical sentences. (Um, when did I say I wanted to date a famous guy? If I wanted to date someone famous I wouldn't be online dating.)
He jumped to all these conclusions that just weren't true. There was plenty in that first e-mail that told me he wasn't for me, not just his last tidbit of information. And THEN he had the nerve to say that he still wanted to go on a date. Oh yeah, I totally want to date people who berate me in e-mails. When should we meet?
All this to say, I will never jump to regular e-mail that quickly again. This weirdo now knows my full name. I'm lucky he's just strange but not dangerous. Also, all I can think now is, if this is what the cute, normal seeming guy turned out to be, how crazy are all the guys I end up deleting immediately?!?!
So ladies, no matter how interested and normal he seems, keep it online for awhile. Lesson learned.

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