Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adventures in Online Dating: Date #1

So, went on my first online date since signing up. These things shouldn't even be called dates, because really you're kind of just meeting to see if you even want to date. It's like a pre-date. Although he did pay and I haven't been on a date in quite some time, so sure, lets call it a date!
The guy was nice and conversation kept going (although I do talk a lot) but I wasn't attracted to him and he and I differ too much theologically which is important to me. But the biggest problem: He didn't walk me to my car. Okay seriously? This is a running theme with guys in my life. I'm going to title my book "He Didn't Walk Me To My Car". Why is this so hard to do? When did they forget this idea?
Well anyway, it wasn't a match but I kind of considered it a practice date for better things in the future. I didn't think it was going to turn into something anyway, so I'm not disappointed. Now it's time to move on to the next one...


  1. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! I am sorry your first online "date" experience didnt go well, but I'm looking forward to hearing about your next one!

  2. Hi there! Im stopping by from Mingle Monday. Isn't that the truth about some guys! I'm in Los Angeles as well and boy I really think this generation has forgotten how to treat women. I should say some men. Good luck on your next one! I'm a new follower and I'd like to see how the next date goes :o)

    Nancy with



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