Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adventures in Online Dating: The Process Begins

Well, I decided I need to be more open to things and with that in mind I re-joined an online dating site. After my last try at online dating I swore it off and said I'd never do it again, but seeing as I'm meeting no one in my real life, I figure I should give it a whirl. I'm not going to mention which site I'm using because frankly, they're not paying me, but let's just say it has the longest application process in history. Seriously, I have a friend who applied for the FBI and I think she had to do less.
Anyway, I've been on it about a week and I have to say I've actually liked more matches than I thought I would. Here's the problem, they don't all like you back. I've started the initial step with quite a few matches and only one has gotten back to me. There's also one guy who initiated with me that I'm now at the e-mailing point with. And, irony of ironies, at least 10 of the men I've deleted or closed or whatever have all wanted to start communication. See, online dating isn't that far from the real world. It's very rare that the people you like like you back.
I'm going in this time with no expectations. Even at the e-mail point. I learned last time that just because they sound good in e-mail and you think you connect means nothing until you meet in person. Everything can change when you meet. Seriously, it's amazing. I still don't understand how people will allow matching across the U.S. and then fly to meet somebody! What if you have NO chemistry in person or they look nothing like their picture and you're not attracted to them! Too much risk!
I won't go on forever, but I will start writing about my online dating experiences, including tips, stories, and just observations I've made of what's out there. My friends are already enjoying the stories and hopefully you will too!


  1. Online dating stories are the best. Most of my online dates have been complete flops, but they've also been such a good learning experience!

    Good Luck!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  2. I always say: the worst dates make for the best stories. And I totally agree: I feel as though I really READ a profile to see if I have things in common with a person (music, hobbies, travel experiences, whatever), so when I "wink" or email someone, I'm always really disappointed when they don't respond. But then I'll get emails from the muscle men who spend 5 days in the gym (okay, I know we don't know each other yet, but I'm a vegetarian hippy, if that gives you an idea) and really... what made you think we would have ANYTHING in common?

    It's a process... but I'm approaching it as just another way to meet someone. It's not as organic as I'd like, but it's something, right?

    Best of luck to you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  3. Your friends really ARE enjoying your stories! I love hearing them all.



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